January 01, 2009

December 31, 2008

Last Post of the Year

Wanted to wish my fellow bloggers and followers a safe New Years Eve celebration!
Kiss 2008 good-bye, but hold on to the memories forever. Here's to a new year and a fresh new start!
See you in 2009!

December 30, 2008

2008 Wrap Up

This is a must-do, as 2008 comes to a close I start to look back at life during the year and begin to summarize it.

Things I was proud of:
  • Having the initiative to quit my part time job to take more credits at school. (Three classes and a full time job is tough to handle, ok)
  • Giving up majority of my so-called "summer break" to take both sessions of summer school. I racked up 21 credits this year!
  • Kept my 2008 New Years resolution to travel. (Visited Las Vegas twice, Maui, San Fran and San Diego)
  • Paid off a credit card.
  • I learned the basic concepts of the game of football, lol! It took almost three seasons of Warrior football to learn just what the hell is going on.

Things I was happy about:

  • Had a some what successful relationship in which made five months of my year pretty spiffy--until it ended (obviously).
  • Developed a love for California (I wouldn't mind moving to) especially San Francisco.
  • Best friend moved in! She's the best roommate a person could ask for!
  • Moved out of my Mom's house.
  • Salary INCREASE!
  • Completed back piece by Sado.

Things I wasn't so happy about:

  • My office/job moving 30 miles from home in Kapolei. (Not just the commute, but the whole damn process of moving 100 employees from downtown Honolulu to Kapolei -- oh the agony!)
  • My breakup...BOTH OF THEM. %#&*! (But I'll get over it...or have I....?)
  • Taking 2+ hours to finish an 8-mile marathon. Shin splints are the worst!
  • Moving out of my Mom's house. --I know I wrote this in the "Things I was happy about" section, but you have to understand the reason why I moved out in the first place. (Mother's husband makes it very difficult to live there) I'm not so happy because I miss my Mom. :(
  • Missed out on NYE Las Vegas trip due to bad decisions. (I'm still whacking myself in the face for that one)

2008 was definitely a roller coaster of events. How would you sum up your 2008?

December 28, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You

I finally finished my book He's Just Not That Into You and had some thoughts and opinions. Let me just first start off by saying, I bought the book because I came out of a relationship and needed a pick-me-up, oh please God help me advice. My friend recommended the book (also because the movie is coming out in February 2009) so I picked up my copy and eagerly began reading thinking that it would make me feel better about being dumped and single again...

WRONG! What it made me realize is that 99% of the guys I've dated weren't that into me. What a nice thing to hear after a breakup, right? So basically Greg (the male author of this book) names each and every type of guy that there is out there. Lets just say that my previous boyfriend had about 10 characteristics that Greg mentioned. I know, I should be thankful that I'm not with him, but wow, what an eye opener (and a shot in the head) to read that he wasn't that into me. Sad to say though, I'm sure all that he wrote in there is true (I even asked a guy friend for his thoughts) however I have seen the exception to the rule. Oh! Greg also goes on to say that you should ignore all those "rare case scenarios" (guys break up with girl, guy misses girl, guy calls girl, guy asks girl back out, guy proposes, girl says yes, guy and girl live happily ever after). So we females shouldn't hold on to any beacon of hope. Thankfully, Liz (the FEMALE co-author) saves the book-in my eyes- by explaining why it's hard to girls to swallow all this raw information. I don't know, I probably won't read this book again, I have learned a thing or two, but like it says, we need to live our lives, no matter what annoying line (or fifty) we hear in our heads from the book, and take chances.

I have another Greg Behrendt book to start It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken. Probably the same quirky comments from Greg (as I noticed when I thumbed through it in the bookstore) but I bought the damn thing and won't let it go to waste. Again, it'll probably be another eye opener and stab in the chest but it's probably something good to hear.
After this, no more self-help books. I think I've gotten all the self-help that I could get this year. Although I must say, I'm doing ten times better than I was nearly two months ago. :)

December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays...

It's been a busy couple of weeks but I've accomplished much during. I completed the Christmas shopping, managed to pass both my classes with a B and a C, made some new friends and spent lots of time with friends. Anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a...

Be safe everyone and God Bless!!

December 22, 2008

Brief Update

I've been rather busy the past few days, then this weekend, I couldn't log in for some reason. I'm finally able to get in today but since I'm at work I have to make this short.
  • I finished school (hooray!) on Thursday night. I was debating whether to try and pass this one online class, or take the failing grade and redo it next semester. I'll find out my grade on Thursday but I'm feeling pretty confident. (I hope I didn't just jinx myself)
  • Sheraton Hawaii Bowl is on Wednesday!!
  • I started on my book "He's Just Not That Into You" and it's pissing me off as I read on. I'll write about it when I finish the book with my complete thoughts. Ugh!
  • Finished Christmas shopping! (And wrapping, might I add) Now I can go back to shopping exclusively for myself.
  • Work is busy...I've got three projects all due within the first five days of the New Year. (Not good when I plan on taking off on Christmas Eve, and we have Christmas and New Years day off) I've only got six days. Looks like late evenings at work will commence. :(
  • Got to the gym twice this weekend! *Pats self on the back* The first day was killer; I'm so out of shape, but the second day was a breeze. Thank you Red Bull!

Ok it's back to work I go...

December 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged a few days ago...or was it just the other day? Well anyway I've yet to jot down sixteen random facts about me. Here it goes: (in reverse, just to make this interesting, because really, I'm not)

16) I'm addicted to watching The Hills. (I have a dvd on pause right now as I blog)
15) I'm going to school for accounting, but what I really wish I was doing was fashion/marketing.
14) I've been to Europe, (Italy, Monaco, Switzerland and France) Canada, Mexico and numerous states (California, Washington, Nevada, Washington D.C.).
13) I change my hand writing depending on what I'm writing or who I'm writing to.
12) I've never bought a designer handbag. (They were all gifts)
11) I have a hard time eating Oreo cookies unless I take it apart.
10) I have ten pillows on my bed right now.
9) While I'm counting things...I own ten pairs of jeans.
8) I had Italian food for dinner the past five nights. (Buca Di Beppo has the biggest orders ever, my left over spaghetti lasted me for 3 meals!)
7) I've got $65 cash on me, right now.
6) I name my cars. (The 2000 Jetta, who I named Matthew, Bailey, the blue bimmer sedan and now Mondavi my BMW coupe.)
5) I guess I have a thing with naming objects, because I named my camera Barron.
4) I have a weakness for breakfast from McDonalds and Burger King.
3) Never had a New Years kiss. (Just thought about that since I have no idea what I'm doing this NYE)
2) I own five pairs of boots. That's a lot considering I live in Hawaii.
1) I'm addicted to tattoos. I spent $800 (fairly low) and about seven hours on my back. (pic) **And that little doll on my lower right was my first (stupid) tattoo I did when I was sixteen years old, my Dad took me. :) I wish someone stopped me, lol.

I took my exam tonight, I don't think I did so well. It must be bad when you don't finish, right? I have maybe 5-7 more to go. Exams are so pressured that I lose my mind! At least I finished my projects today though, stayed home all day to finish them. Back to work tomorrow and I bet I have piles to do there also. I got to get back in to my gym routine too, I've been slacking since I fell down and bruised my foot. It's finally better so I can't use that excuse anymore. I'll have to force myself to go tomorrow morning. *sulks*