December 30, 2008

2008 Wrap Up

This is a must-do, as 2008 comes to a close I start to look back at life during the year and begin to summarize it.

Things I was proud of:
  • Having the initiative to quit my part time job to take more credits at school. (Three classes and a full time job is tough to handle, ok)
  • Giving up majority of my so-called "summer break" to take both sessions of summer school. I racked up 21 credits this year!
  • Kept my 2008 New Years resolution to travel. (Visited Las Vegas twice, Maui, San Fran and San Diego)
  • Paid off a credit card.
  • I learned the basic concepts of the game of football, lol! It took almost three seasons of Warrior football to learn just what the hell is going on.

Things I was happy about:

  • Had a some what successful relationship in which made five months of my year pretty spiffy--until it ended (obviously).
  • Developed a love for California (I wouldn't mind moving to) especially San Francisco.
  • Best friend moved in! She's the best roommate a person could ask for!
  • Moved out of my Mom's house.
  • Salary INCREASE!
  • Completed back piece by Sado.

Things I wasn't so happy about:

  • My office/job moving 30 miles from home in Kapolei. (Not just the commute, but the whole damn process of moving 100 employees from downtown Honolulu to Kapolei -- oh the agony!)
  • My breakup...BOTH OF THEM. %#&*! (But I'll get over it...or have I....?)
  • Taking 2+ hours to finish an 8-mile marathon. Shin splints are the worst!
  • Moving out of my Mom's house. --I know I wrote this in the "Things I was happy about" section, but you have to understand the reason why I moved out in the first place. (Mother's husband makes it very difficult to live there) I'm not so happy because I miss my Mom. :(
  • Missed out on NYE Las Vegas trip due to bad decisions. (I'm still whacking myself in the face for that one)

2008 was definitely a roller coaster of events. How would you sum up your 2008?

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ko0ty said...

My 2008 was awesome. =)

I tried to learn football too but I seriously didn't learn a thing!!