December 28, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You

I finally finished my book He's Just Not That Into You and had some thoughts and opinions. Let me just first start off by saying, I bought the book because I came out of a relationship and needed a pick-me-up, oh please God help me advice. My friend recommended the book (also because the movie is coming out in February 2009) so I picked up my copy and eagerly began reading thinking that it would make me feel better about being dumped and single again...

WRONG! What it made me realize is that 99% of the guys I've dated weren't that into me. What a nice thing to hear after a breakup, right? So basically Greg (the male author of this book) names each and every type of guy that there is out there. Lets just say that my previous boyfriend had about 10 characteristics that Greg mentioned. I know, I should be thankful that I'm not with him, but wow, what an eye opener (and a shot in the head) to read that he wasn't that into me. Sad to say though, I'm sure all that he wrote in there is true (I even asked a guy friend for his thoughts) however I have seen the exception to the rule. Oh! Greg also goes on to say that you should ignore all those "rare case scenarios" (guys break up with girl, guy misses girl, guy calls girl, guy asks girl back out, guy proposes, girl says yes, guy and girl live happily ever after). So we females shouldn't hold on to any beacon of hope. Thankfully, Liz (the FEMALE co-author) saves the book-in my eyes- by explaining why it's hard to girls to swallow all this raw information. I don't know, I probably won't read this book again, I have learned a thing or two, but like it says, we need to live our lives, no matter what annoying line (or fifty) we hear in our heads from the book, and take chances.

I have another Greg Behrendt book to start It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken. Probably the same quirky comments from Greg (as I noticed when I thumbed through it in the bookstore) but I bought the damn thing and won't let it go to waste. Again, it'll probably be another eye opener and stab in the chest but it's probably something good to hear.
After this, no more self-help books. I think I've gotten all the self-help that I could get this year. Although I must say, I'm doing ten times better than I was nearly two months ago. :)


DSKNguyen said...

Happy Holidays love!

I've been in love with Speedy 35 since the day it came out!

But now I'm debating if I want to wait for the next best thing...

What I really want is the water color 35!

HANNAHBii said...

I just bought Hes Just Not That Into You. Im a little nervous to read it. lol.