November 28, 2008

My Graphics Suck

This is just a quickie...
I changed my header and yes I sucks. I couldn't sleep last night after coming home from Thanksgiving Dinner at my Mom's (which is weird because I thought the enzymes in turkey is supposed to make you sleepy) so I hopped on the computer and started doodling away.

I wish I did the whole Black Friday thing. Maybe next just sounds so exciting, but I never have enough money on that shopping day. I mean, I've shopped on Black Friday, just never did the whole sleep outside on the sidewalk and wait five hours just so that I'm the first in line to get in and grab three Ninetendo Wii's. ..but like I said, maybe next year.

Ok, well back to work...I have a thought for another entry but I haven't got the time right now. Be back later.

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