November 30, 2008

My Weekend

Another weekend gone by...

I decided to go in to work on Friday day, and I worked at the bar on Friday night. OMG, it was really slow, but the crowds stayed long. I got out at 1 a.m. My feet were killing me and I was so tired, but I made some cash so I was happy.

Saturday we went to the Hawaii vs Washington State game. Go HAWAII! We won 24 to 10 (I believe). After the game, I came home and called the girls and made plans for a night out. We planned on going to the new lounge Bonsai, but after waiting around we decided to hit up Oceans 808. I don't know why, but I just love that place. Good times all the time. Here's one in the picture with Kanani, me, Shawna and Kels. (missing Kristina)

Sunday (today) I felt like doing my "Black Friday" shopping. It's Mom & Daughter Sunday so I picked my Mom up and we headed to Pearlridge. I wanted to shop at Charlotte Russe and check out their boot selection. There was BOGO so I bought a grey pair of ankle "booties" and a pair of black knee highs with heels. I have a black pair of boots, but they're flats and I wanted one with some height since I'm so short. I picked up two sets of sheets at Ross. I got a good deal, both were about $20 and one was SATIN! I've never had satin sheets before. Oh I got one item that wasn't for me, actually two. I found a sushi/Asian style dish set for my Dad and his girlfriend for Christmas, that and a little wine shelf tree ornament. I also found some cheap wrapping paper, so I got a couple of rolls. All in all, not a bad shopping trip. After shopping we had lunch at Chun Wah Kam for some dim sum. So yummy!

Oh yeah! I also got my shoes from Fredericks in the mail on Friday. I wore the camel colored pair on Saturday and they're surprisingly comfortable.

Lot's of spending this weekend. Payday is this Friday, it feels a long ways away. Back to the daily grind tomorrow, work and then school. I can't wait until the semester is over with...couple more weeks! I'm tired from shopping, I'm going to take a nap.


HANNAHBii said...

you inspired me to update my blog hehe.

Shirley said...

Nice post.!! I too just got a new stylish pair of stretch ankle cuff sandals from Frederick's of Hollywood.