December 01, 2008


I was so bored last night. I came home from the gym, showered and planned go to go bed, but always after the gym I feel so rejuvenated and awake. I was instant messaging Bobby on the sidekick and we were talking about blogging when he mentioned Xanga. So I thought "Hrm, I wonder if my old profile/blog still exists." Sure enough! LOL.

Ok, so I changed my main profile picture and added an entry that plugs this blog (as if anyone reads xanga, well, my xanga anyway) but I left my brief info up. haha! I was so lame back in 2005, (not that I'm much cooler now) I put that my interests are "bad boys" c'mon, really. Ahh, I thought it was funny because I clicked on all my subscription blogs and only one really updates still. The rest of them are filled with entries stating how long they haven't been on. It's interesting. Bobby described it best when he said, "It's like opening a time capsule."

Let's many "communities" have I joined since my online era began: that all? I thought there were more for some reason, and the last four are all pretty recent. Anyway, I'm just killing some time before I head out to the gym. Ta-ta!

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HANNAHBii said...

LOL... its hard to find blog buddies yeah? I was like "YESSS! someone else has blogspot!" hehe.
I really liked Oceans. I wish I could go all the time though.. i'm only 21..Not yet "of age" lol. My friends brother in law bought out the place so he let us in for my friends bday party. Recently ive been wanting to go out a lot but i just quit my job since they wouldnt work with my school schedule so im a little broke lol.
Wells hopefully i'll see you out again :)