December 15, 2008

Blackberry Bold...I Got It!

What did I say about me buying my own Christmas presents? :) I actually bought this last week Tuesday. Put a nice hole in my wallet, but oh well. I paid $400+ for the phone, but I have yet to mail in my rebate form for $100 back and I'm patiently waiting (hope it takes longer than normal) for my bill from my old provider for the $200 cancellation fee.

So, here is it...the Blackberry Bold. I absolutely love it! I was so tired of holding my old phone (the sidekick lx) like it was a video game controller, not to mention the swivel screen (it was cool when I first saw it) was just getting annoying to spin open to dial and type, and spin it shut to talk. Everyone asks me why I switched to AT&T but didn't get the iPhone. I have an iPod Touch already and had the hardest time typing in letters using the touch keyboard. I NEED THE QWERTY! But the Bold is great, the pictures come out so clear, and the sound. I was amazed when I listened to some of the ringtones that were pre-loaded on here, it sounds like a stereo system. I'm in love, last thing left is to purchase that Sony camera and I'm satisfied. (I bought my book as you could see in my previous entry.)


I was tagged the other day...I have to think about my sixteen (what an odd number?) random facts before I begin. I'm at work and somehow all the weirdest thoughts pop in to my head while I'm at work, so I'll just jot them down as the day goes on then blog it later. My top priority should be studying though. Last day of school was last week and tomorrow I have a final exam with a project due and another project due online on Thursday. Someone pray with me, please?


Amanda Allison said...

Hi! I still love my Blackberry Curve, but I've gotta admit the Bold seems so sick.

Good luck w/finals. Its also my finals week so I'll be praying for the both of us!

I really like your blog. I like what you've had to say and can't wait to read more. :)

Can I just say that I feel you sooo much on those online tests? I took one last week and got a 28/40...with my notes and book in hand! It just doesn't make sense, ugh.

DSKNguyen said...

Damn that is a nice phone!!

I have the blkberry curve and it's okay --kinda old man! but, it works :)

credit card debt sucks!!! I think we need to win the lottery