December 05, 2008

Dear Santa...Here's My List

I swear I do this every single year before Christmas. I write down a bunch of things that I want, because let's face it, during the holidays it always seems that all the cute and hot stuff comes out and I want to buy it all, but I should really be buying for others. So anyway, I usually write them down and say no sense get them because I'll probably buy it for myself (as if anyone is going to buy them for me) because I either, A) Can't wait until Christmas because I have to have it NOWWW. Or B) It's too expensive for others to get for me - for example, the Sony touchscreen digital camera that I showed my Mom. Her exact words "oh yeah that's too expensive, I thought you wanted the $99 Nikon Cool Pix" :( Um, no.

1.) A new phone: Like the Blackberry Bold. :) But let's see, that's about $300 for the phone and then I'd be paying another $200 to cancel my contract with my current provider, so I'll give that one some thought.
2.) Digital Camera: Sony Cyber- shot DSC T77...oh, in pink.

3.) Book: "He's Just Not That In To You" - Greg Behrendt.. My friends are all in to it and so excited for the movie. (Feb 2009) So I figure I'd read it and see what the hype is about. Besides, I actually secretly love these kind of books. I own "The Game Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists" - Neil Strauss and "The Manual" - Steve santagati.

4.) Bedroom "Stuff": I'm not really picky with this kind of stuff. But I want to get pretty candles, and some artwork for my walls, spotlight lamps, (especially to shine in my closet because it's so dark I can't tell which black clothing I'm looking at.) sheets, a white/ivory 3'x5" shag rug, and so much more!
Boy, I thought I had more things, but I guess...I have...them..all. But you see, either expensive, or I'm going to buy soon (like the book and some room accessories).
My ultimate Christmas gift to myself if a trip in January to L.A., California!!! Date is still TBA, but I'm soooo looking forward to going there. I'm such a dork, I want to visit all the places (maybe not all, probably 2%) that they show on The Hills. :D *cheesy smile*


L said...

I want an M3

Mzz. Linhh said...

I was reading your "about ME" section and I was like "hmm..this girl is SOOO COOL!!" hahaha. yeahh..You need to post pictures of THE HILLS location once you go and come back bc that's the only reason why I watch it..[=