December 02, 2008

Rainy Days

It rained on my parade today, ok not parade...but on my plans. I had a big breakfast so I thought on my lunch break at work I'd go for a jog around the neighborhood. ...Then the rain came down, HARD. So it looks like I'm staying in. I can't even go to my car because it's parked so far away and being the idiot that I am, left the umbrella inside the car.

Being that I have some time now and I have so many random things running through my brain, I'll jot them down here. And I can refer back to it later....

  1. Debating...should I apply for another job? I seen two bartending positions on Craigslist that are available. I'm always so intimidated to apply at jobs.
  2. Debating also, to apply for another job, or make plans to travel in January.
  3. Third debate...if I do travel in January, where to go...I'm torn between San Francisco (the city that I absolutely 100% LOVEEEEEE!) or L.A. (somewhere that I've never experienced)
  4. I need to find a program that's easy to use that can edit photos and pictures but comes out with great quality. I can't do photoshop for shit, tried it a couple years back when it was only like 6.0 or something and gave up. Any ideas? Suggestions?
  5. What the heck do I wear ankle boots with? So I thought that they'd look good with pencil skirts, errr! Wrong. They don't, well not on me. I was reading on the internet what would be good and it suggested long leggings? Perhaps I should have re-thought making that purchase.
  6. It's been exactly 4 weeks since I've been single and I can't remember the number of times that I went out (not to mention all those nights I just didn't remember anything, period)
  7. I think Charlie Brown said it best when he said, "I work best under pressure, and if I wait until tomorrow there will be lots of pressure." I love that he still considered a kid? He must be in his what, 40s?
  8. I'm FINALLY getting to try Azteca tonight for dinner.

Hm...I think the rain stopped. Perhaps I should actually make the effort to put on my shoes and get out there for a run.

Oh yeah, hey friends leave me least then I'll know someones out there. I'll add that "What do you think" option don't have to leave a comment you can just tell me if it was lame or not.

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