December 07, 2008

This Weekend

This weekend has been a whirlwind, as usual.

FRIDAY: After work I thought I'd avoid traffic by having a drink with the co-workers at Chilis. BAD IDEA! The traffic in Kapolei only gets worse the long you wait. So whatever, I faced it. Started shopping and bought my book from my previous post and picked up another from the same author. If you know me, I had just had a breakup about a month ago, so I can totally relate to these books.

Afterwards, I went home and got ready. We all met up at The LR for drinks, food, dancing and an intense game of Chippendale Photo Hunt. LOL. It's pretty funny when you get the guys pointing at half-fully naked men. Yum.

SATURDAY: Woke up and hit the gym, a much needed trip. Went home and got ready for the football game, UH vs. Cincinnati. Yeah, we lost. So horrible since it was the last game of the regular season. After that game, I seriously started thinking about going to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve. When I came home from the game, Tina and I headed up to town and hit up Oceans for a few drinks.

SUNDAY: Today was Mom & Daughter day. We've been spending every Sunday together, it's really nice. So my Mom picked me up and we drove up to town and did some (well, a LOT) shopping at Express. I LOVE THAT STORE! I was a little shocked to see that I spent over $300 in less than an hour. For some that might not be a lot, but for me, that's a lot to spend in one place, and of course, the worst part is that 90% of the items, weren't gifts, they were for me. I'm bad, I know. We then had lunch at Japanese food at Hifumi's at the Chinese Cultural Plaza in Chinatown. So good and inexpensive. After that I did more shopping at Ross. This time however I bought gifts for three people. Ross is the best place for Christmas gifts! It's so cheap and they have cute gift ideas. I only spent around $60 there. I came home and cleaned my room (I can actually see carpet now! YAY!) and now I'm just relaxing. I doubt I'll drag my butt to the gym tonight, probably force myself to study. I have an online quiz due tomorrow, and even though I'm retaking this online class next semester because I'm not doing so good, I still don't want to get an F and lower my already low GPA.

Tomorrow's Monday, man how I hate Mondays. Got lots to do at work. I missed a deadline on Friday because I swear I had three projects going on and one of them had to wait, so I got to get going on it as soon as I get in to the office. I have a few more assignments too.

**FUN JEN FACT** I find that I work much harder at work when I dress professionally. It's really odd. When I'm lazy and wear jeans, and a sweater with I'm not as productive as if I was to wear more business attire. I better dress good tomorrow.

Looking forward to after work, I told Tina that I'd pick up Tanioka's on my way home for dinner. Best local food! Alright, study time! Good night friends and followers! :)

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