December 08, 2008

I Love Cal

So it's flight is booked and my boss signed off on my pink slips...
I'm so excited! There's so much that I want to do and see. So I decided on L.A. over San Francisco (even though I'm in LOVE with that city!) only because I have a place to stay, and know some people in the area. Perhaps I'll save San Francisco for spring break, or summer time. Darn, I told myself that 2008 was my traveling year and 2009 I'd stay home and save...broke that rule, maybe I'll do that in 2010. I'll be leaving in January, so I have some time to save and plan.
Other than that, nothing else really exciting. Decided to go to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl to watch the Warriors take on Notre Dame. Okay, well I decided, but tickets are still pending based on whether or not there's seats available. Stressed out at work today, as usual. I came home and took my online quiz and thought I did really good considering I had the book and notes in my lap, but nope, 18 out of 30. I don't get how that happened. Now I'm just killing time before I go work out.

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DSKNguyen said...

:) Thanks, I'm blessed to have had such a filling meal in my belly!! lol

I hope you have a non-boring weekend!!