December 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged a few days ago...or was it just the other day? Well anyway I've yet to jot down sixteen random facts about me. Here it goes: (in reverse, just to make this interesting, because really, I'm not)

16) I'm addicted to watching The Hills. (I have a dvd on pause right now as I blog)
15) I'm going to school for accounting, but what I really wish I was doing was fashion/marketing.
14) I've been to Europe, (Italy, Monaco, Switzerland and France) Canada, Mexico and numerous states (California, Washington, Nevada, Washington D.C.).
13) I change my hand writing depending on what I'm writing or who I'm writing to.
12) I've never bought a designer handbag. (They were all gifts)
11) I have a hard time eating Oreo cookies unless I take it apart.
10) I have ten pillows on my bed right now.
9) While I'm counting things...I own ten pairs of jeans.
8) I had Italian food for dinner the past five nights. (Buca Di Beppo has the biggest orders ever, my left over spaghetti lasted me for 3 meals!)
7) I've got $65 cash on me, right now.
6) I name my cars. (The 2000 Jetta, who I named Matthew, Bailey, the blue bimmer sedan and now Mondavi my BMW coupe.)
5) I guess I have a thing with naming objects, because I named my camera Barron.
4) I have a weakness for breakfast from McDonalds and Burger King.
3) Never had a New Years kiss. (Just thought about that since I have no idea what I'm doing this NYE)
2) I own five pairs of boots. That's a lot considering I live in Hawaii.
1) I'm addicted to tattoos. I spent $800 (fairly low) and about seven hours on my back. (pic) **And that little doll on my lower right was my first (stupid) tattoo I did when I was sixteen years old, my Dad took me. :) I wish someone stopped me, lol.

I took my exam tonight, I don't think I did so well. It must be bad when you don't finish, right? I have maybe 5-7 more to go. Exams are so pressured that I lose my mind! At least I finished my projects today though, stayed home all day to finish them. Back to work tomorrow and I bet I have piles to do there also. I got to get back in to my gym routine too, I've been slacking since I fell down and bruised my foot. It's finally better so I can't use that excuse anymore. I'll have to force myself to go tomorrow morning. *sulks*


DSKNguyen said...

Dang girl!! You're pretty brave to go get that tattoo. I would be so scared that it would hurt!!

Amanda Allison said...

Hi! Can I have your waist, please? K, thanks.


Your tat is so dope. I love all the curves...and the doll isn't that bad, haha. Its kinda cute!

Have you seen the previews for The Hills season finale? Lauren and Heidi meet up to talk, it should be interesting. I'm more excited to watch Whitney's new show, The City. I love her!

Mzz. Linhh said...

you're not a badass but you have a TAT like THATTT. lol, you def. need a motorcyle and a backless shirt. I watch The Hills too but only bc it makes my monday go by faster, sometimes they seem so vain to me and more or less superficial..what team are u on? lc, heidi, or audrina?? Im team WHITEYY all the way. hahha, I can't wait for the City!

ko0ty said...

Your tattoo looks hot girl! And your dad took you for your first one? My parents would never do that.. lucky girl!

I've never bought a designer bag either but then I'm not a bag person or a huge label whore.. although I love collecting designer denim. Hehe.

I loved the first season of The Hills but it started going downhill.. the show has gotten soo boring!

jayneebaybe said...

thanks hun.. for the birthday wish &the sweet comments! (=

- i was going for accounting but i'm done trying that! /=
- buca di beppo.. yea you gotta go there super hungry! =P
- haha.. you name things.. i use to do that!

nice tat.. you're really brave to have all that done! i wish i had some guts to a least have one but i'm chicken!?! /=